Bad decisions

Dear editor:

Having recently moved back into the area during the best time of year to do so, one has to wonder if the people left in charge of running Warren County events suffered a collective traumatic brain injury.

First issue is with the new changes to the Adult Softball leagues; namely the “pay to drink” rule and saying that enforcement of parking fines for vehicles left down at the park overnight will take an uptick.

It was stated that this charge per team on having alcoholic beverages was somehow to help curb DUI’s within the city limits on these nights. A commendable approach, yet one with no supporting data to back up claims that there is an increased amount of drivers getting DUI’s as a direct result from drinking at the ball fields.

And if this is such a major concern, wouldn’t a driver who might’ve consumed one too many drinks and has the public’s welfare and good sense about him or her to get a ride with a friend and return the next day to retrieve their vehicle be someone that should be lauded for their rational decision making and not someone that has to pay a trivial fine because they parked overnight in an area that has more parking available and less parking demand than outside Ralph Wilson Stadium during the NFL playoffs?

To add to the Warren County awesomesauce, this year it was decided that the Rib Fest should be moved all the way out to the Warren County Fair Grounds, dooming the event to toil in obscurity.

A lot of people were dismayed when the event was moved away from the thriving downtown area and moved out to Betts Park. Now moving it out to the fair grounds has effectively decentralized the event for the entire county to enjoy.

Hopefully they will use the display barns out at the fair grounds during this event to showcase the Brain Trust that has led to all of this awesome changes. I hear the Donkey Barn is open.

Justin Kyler