Tidioute ties for top in trap

Teams and shooters are on fire as the first half of the Warren County Trap League is coming to a close.

Tidioute outshot Kalbfus, 346-344, in Week 6 of the Warren County Trap League, with Brokenstraw tying Pine Grove, 346-346; Sugar Grove I also tying Sugar Grove II, 340-340, and; Corry defeated Sheffield, 333-302.

Kalbfus maintains a slim one-point lead over Brokenstraw and Sugar Grove I going into the last week of the first half.

Perfect 50’s were plentiful this week, including: Jack Kostkas, Ken Anderson and Derek Dickson (TID); Jim Nowacki, John Pearson, and Ed McCullough (KAL); Zack Bush, Kassie Hollabaugh, and Dan Morris (BKS); Russ Wingard, Cindy Cable, and Eric Cecco (PG); Ethan Black and Scott Currie (SGI), and; and Zack Johnson (SGII).

Kassie Hollabaugh of BKS, a Jr.Lady, had her first 25 and 50 straights. Cindy Cable of PG had her first 50 straight. Jim Burdick of BKS and Mitchell Downs, a Jr. shooter from SGI, had their first 25 straights.

High shooters included:

High Sub Jr: Elijah Trawick (SGI) 48

High Jr: Kassie Hollabaugh (BKS), Zack Bush (BKS), & Eric Cecco (PG) 50

High Lady: Cindy Cable (PG) & Kassie Hollabaugh (BKS) 50

High Vet: Ken Anderson (TID) 50

High Sr Vet: Jack Kostkas (TID) & Russ Wingard (PG) 50

High Super Sr Vet: Jim Stearns (KAL) & Jim Hannon (SGI) 47

TID (346): Jack Kostkas 50, Ken Anderson 50, Derek Dickson 50, Sean Mason 49, Taylor Hansen 49, Ed Pennington 49, Doug Sliker 49

KAL (344): Jim Nowacki 50, John Pearson 50, Ed McCullough 50, John P. Foster 49, Michael McDunn 49, Bob Gregersen 48, Chuck Loomis 48

BKS (346): Zack Bush 50, Kassie Hollabaugh 50, Dan Morris 50, Robbin Weaver 49, Curt Hollabaugh 49, Jason Gustafson 49, John Joy 49

PG (346): Russ Wingard 50, Cindy Cable 50, Eric Cecco 50, Jack Donovan 49, Clyde Knapp 49, Terry Trumbull 49, Ray Lee 49

SGI (340): Ethan Black 50, Scott Currie 50, Elijah Trawick 48, Colton Black 48, Fred Franklin 48, Jake Lindell 48, Jack Hunt 48

SGII (340): Zack Johnson 50, Steve Ecker 49, Ryan Chapman 49, Kevin Nicklas 48, Jon Shelton 48, Tim Young 48, Craig Darling 48

COR (333): Tage Grant 49, Jamie Morton 48, Ashley Walton 48, Ken Berkhous 48, Jim Bessey 47, Harold Linden 47, Tyler Brundage 46

SHF (302): Jeff Boutelle 46, Jim Highhouse 45, Marty Grove 44, Gary McLaughlin 44, James Highhouse 43, Larry E. Heeter 41, Lee Heeter 39