Hometown Youngsville

Dear editor:

I am writing in regards to the article in the paper recently regarding the Memorial Day tribute in Youngsville.

I am SO proud of my hometown. This was always my favorite day of the year. As a child we all walked down North Main St to the bridge and watched the ceremony with the flowers put into the Brokenstraw and listened to Taps. My mother and uncle marched in the Youngsville band in the 40’s, I marched in the bank in the 60’s and my daughter marched in the band in 2000’s. When I was marching my grandfather, Ward Proper, was still alive. He was a WWI veteran, Battle of Verdun, and a charter member of the Youngsville American Legion. He participated in some of the parades, until his health prevented him from doing so.

We sometimes take for granted the sacrifices our veterans have made for us, and also for the men who were deferred because they worked at the National Forge. They worked long, long hours to see that our soldiers had what they needed to protect us.

We don’t have a Memorial Day celebration here in our small town in Texas; but Youngsville has once again reminded me of my roots. I’m going to contact the veterans groups here and see if we can arrange for something next year. And if we do, Youngsville will have a lot to do with it.

Thanks to the veterans, to all the parade participants, to Mrs. Schied and the Youngsville Marching Eagles.

Karen Giegerich Slocum

Tomball, TX