State of the Union

Dear editor:

I wanted to comment on the state of the country in connection with some of the issues presently taking place.

It seems nearly incomprehensible that in America we continue to learn of an administration so lawless that certain individuals, along with numerous organizations, were targeted by the IRS because of their political or religious beliefs! The victims included not only conservative groups, but famed evangelist Billy Graham and James Dobson, founder of “Focus on the Family.”

In addition to the assault on private citizens exercising their constitutional rights, various members of the media have been under surveillance in an attempt to subvert freedom of the press.

What actually transpired in the Benghazi tragedy is yet another serious challenge to the integrity and purpose of this administration. Refusing to rescue fellow countrymen and then later offering up one ridiculous explanation after another for their deaths, is beneath even the “ruling class”.

And of course, now we are all mired in the President’s signature legislation aptly entitled “Obamacare.” The government’s solution to universal healthcare was railroaded through Congress based on one fabrication after another and will end up costing 2-3 times the original estimate! A monstrosity in the making when you consider our anemic economy is being propped up by foreign debt and the Fed printing more and more money with less and less value.

The EPA, with its radical agenda, takes precedence over the property rights of American citizens. While emails, phone messages and even medical records can be secretly collected by various federal agencies without a warrant. Billions of dollars have been squandered on one “green energy” scam after another and at the same time production of cheaper and more conventional energy sources is curtailed, costing us thousands of jobs.

Apart from the folly in Washington, there are deeply troubling social issues, such as the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia. The horrors that were revealed at that abortion clinic make you painfully wonder if that isn’t the tip of the iceberg?!

As we have attempted to drive God from every facet of our society; as moral absolutes are replaced by the teachings of Saul Alinsky and Chairman Mao, I keep pondering: Do we really know who we are anymore?! Are we still the United States of America or an early mutation of the old Soviet Union?! Is this our “fundamental transformation”, or rapid descent into self destruction?!

May God, in His mercy, restore in us the principles that produced our nation’s greatness … before it’s too late.


John A Peterson

Chandlers Valley