City police probing thefts from vehicles

Some call it car shopping.

Not the kind where people mull over their next vehicle.

This is the criminal kind – theft from a motor vehicle.

“We’ve been receiving reports of thefts from motor vehicles,” City of Warren Police Detective Tony Chimenti said on Wednesday. “With the recent break in the weather, more people are out and about at night. We are making the public aware, advising that they lock their vehicles and not store any valuables in them that might be tempting to anyone out and about at night.”

“It is always recommended to keep your vehicle locked,” Sgt. Brandon Deppen said. “This would also apply if parked in your garage.”

Very few of the thefts involve the breaking of windows to gain access to locked cars. Breaking windows attracts unwanted attention.

“Most thefts from vehicles are not due to a break-in but when the owner leaves the vehicle unlocked,” Deppen said.

“If it’s locked, they’re going to move on,” Chimenti said. “If it’s not locked, they’re going to go shopping.”

“Anyone with information regarding the thefts is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers,” Deppen said.