Sports Briefly… 05/29/13

Rec softball

Here are the standings and Wednesday’s schedule in the Richard T. Betts Rec Modified Softball League at Betts Park:


Nic-L-Inn 2-0

Crescent Beer 1-0

The Bucket 2-1

Betts 1-1

Larry’s 1-1

Cougar Bob’s 1-2

Ryan Fralick Chiropractic 0-1

Wing City 0-2

Wednesday’s games

6 p.m.: Larry’s vs. The Bucket, Betts Field; Nic-L-Inn vs. Crescent Beer, Foley Field; Betts vs. Ryan Fralick, Brown Field

7:30 p.m.: Larry’s vs. Cougar Bob’s, Betts Field; Wing City, Foley Field

9 p.m.: The Bucket vs. Crescent Beer (makeup game), Betts Field; Ryan Fralick vs. Wing City (makeup game), Foley Field

Scholastic trap

Here are results from the Warren County Scholastic Trap League’s Field Day last week:

AAA Class: 1. Ethan Black 25, 2. Tucker Corbett 24, 3. Brady Carl 24

AA Class: 1. Michael Darling 25, 2. John Deitz 24, 3. Ashley McClure 24

A Class: 1. Elijah Trawick 24, 2. David Mitchell 23, Kassie Hollabaugh 23

BBB Class: 1. Anna Lindemuth 24, 2. Jacob Nugent 23, 3. Devin Bailey 22

BB Class: 1. Austyn Moore 22, 2. Dylan Saullo 22, 3. Blake Montour 21

B Class: 1. Damiond Zimmerman 23, 2. Kody Barlow 21, 3. Morris Williams 21

CCC Class: 1. Cody Potocki 20, 2. Travis Wilcox 20, 3. Marlee White 19

CC Class: 1. Wesley Wallin 23, 2. Jordan Yeager 21, 3. Chris Kibbey 21

C Class: 1. Holly Wittmer 23, 2. Brian Faulkner 21, 3. Shelby Graham 19

D Class: 1. Cody Anderson 17, 2. Savanna Trisket 15, 3. Allyvia Morgan 15

Alumni Class: 1. Colton Black 24, 2. Jamie Morton 24, Scott Saporito 24

(All ties in classes were shot off with a one miss and out format )

(The Alumni class was decided with the longest back from 25, Black’s run was 24, Morton’s was 12 and Saporito missed the last bird and had no birds in his run from the back)

* The two top shooters for males and females were tied after the league shoots and the Field Day Shoot with 191 out of 200 birds – Mark Cecco and Michael McDunn shot off for Top Gun with Michael McDunn winning. Both shooters were Warren shooters; Mark Cecco took high shooter for Male, with Dalton Sipes runner up; Ashley McClure was high shooter for female and Kelsey Martin was runner up; Luke Gray was overall winner for Anne Oakley.

Golf results

The team of Jim Senger, Betsy Senger, Larry Vicini and Debbie Vicini had the low score of 203 on Monday in the Conewango Valley Country Club Couples (3 Net Best of 4) event.

Bart Jensen, Tammy Jensen, Gary Evans and Raechel Evans were second at 210, and teams of Ron Leofsky, Deb Leofsky, John Dale and Judy Dale and Bob Follett, Ann Follett, Phil Holland and Sally Holland third at 211 each.