City park fee

Dear editor:

At some point in history our forefathers decided to name not only our county but also our town in honor of General Joseph Warren, perhaps because of his contributions made during times of War ???

The monetary considerations asked for by the city in return for the use of public lands for the purpose of honoring those who gave so much to preserve and protect this country is truly an outrage. For those who fought on foreign soil in the name of the people of the United States of America to face a fight in their own home town of Warren for the simple ability to Honor all who have served before them and those who will follow in their footsteps is a shame.

When we gather to Honor the thousands of men and women who are still listed as POW-MIA who have never returned home to their Country or Families, and those POW’s who endured inhumanities that would turn your stomach but survived to return. Tell them and their families that you are just trying to be fair to everyone.

When we gather to Honor the men and women who since the birth our nation have put their lives on hold and on the line for this nation again we must write a check. We have to be fair with everyone and share the cost equally.

The monuments and the ground surrounding them are held as sacred ground to those who have served to protect this nation. To us they symbolize all of our Brothers who fought and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, for some that sacrifice was made in their arms.

Many forget that upon entering the armed forces of this nation every man and woman makes out a blank check to the people of these United States of America. Some of these checks are made out in the amount of the time spent away from family, some in the amount of an arm or a leg or both, some in the amount of endless nightmares so debilitating that you cannot function normally in society, and countless other amounts all the way up to and including their very life. From the first days of the American Revolution to this very day, each and every one of these checks are cashed by the American people in order to preserve and protect their Freedoms. It is a disgrace to those who have sacrificed so much for this great nation that the City of Warren has chosen not to Honor these checks but instead they require cazsh.

For those who fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

Richard McCorrison

Vietnam Veteran