Clean campaign

Dear editor:

Primary Election Day, I worked the polls and spent several pleasant hours with Ross McKiernan and Rob Greene, two of the Republican candidates for Warren County District Attorney.

That was the last day of their very robust election campaign spanning many weeks. Due to the accident of longevity, I have been acquainted with Mr. McKiernan longer and thus he had my vote. That is not the reason for my letter. I write to commend them both on the quality of their campaigns.

From what I observed in newspaper and other printed materials, heard on the radio and listened to in public addresses, the campaign content focused on relevant issues. No mud was slung and no characters were assassinated. Obviously, I was not privy to behind-the-scenes innuendoes and certainly, in the nature of political campaigns, that occurred. The public campaigns, however, made me proud of our shared profession and reminded me of the demanding ethical standards it imposes. What a relief to experience such a campaign while the recent national campaigns are fresh.

In commending Mssrs. McKiernan and Greene, no slight is intended to Mr. Hessley, who also ran an issues-oriented public campaign. For whatever reasons, his campaign seemed to lack the weight of the others and his electoral success would have been an extraordinary upset.

For Mssrs. McKiernan and Greene to have invested such great intensity and resources and to have campaigned so ferociously without assaulting the voters with gossip, defamation or matters tangential to the office of District Attorney, deserves, I believe, our applause.


Attorney Gregory B. Fraser (Retired)