WAEC students learn about NED

Laughing, cheering, joining in with prompted shouts of positivity, and then, in contrast, focused silence those were the signs of amazement, encouragement, and delight from students attending the NED assembly at Warren Area Elementary Center on Friday, May 17.

As the presenter unfolded his story about NED’s adventures, impressive yo-yo tricks complemented the story and kept students tuned in to every move and step of the way. NED stands for Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best.

With the theme of making bad or good choices, Chad surprised the audience by using the yo-yo in extraordinary ways such as instantly forming the string into the shape of a British flag to show NED was in England, or the Eiffel Tower for France. Chad explained how NED adventured around the world while escaping from aliens who knew NED made the wrong decisions.

The story motivates students and explains how one can turn oneself around and change the course of life by making make good decisions and accomplishing what is necessary to be a champion. Students (and adults) went away from the assembly feeling positive, encouraged, and excited to not only achieve more academically, but also to help others and behave better by doing their best every day.