City pursues delinquent accounts

The City of Warren is “actively pursuing sanitary sewer accounts.”

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz provided an update to the delinquent account collection process to City Council on Monday.

Slightly less than five percent of city’s 4,200 accounts, approximately 200 residences, have been “posted,” according to Holtz, meaning that they are engaged in the process that could ultimately result in a water shut-off “in a certain amount of time if you don’t pay,” he said.

Holtz said many of the instances have been resolved and only about 40 remain in the collection process, which originally commenced in October.

Mayor Mark Phillips asked whether the majority of the delinquent accounts are residential, apartments or commercial.

“It’s not commercial,” Holtz said. He indicated that rental properties supersede residential in the number of accounts delinquent.

“We’ve heard from landlords that the tenants sign up for it and then they leave (an apartment),” Phillips said.

Holtz noted that water and sewer are “a difficult utility” because it is always billed behind, reflective of amounts actually used.