Free books

Dear editor:

Free Books for Kids Town thanks the Community Foundation of Warren County for funding our recent book program. They provided the grant money for us to bring a wide selection of books to all the second graders in our public schools. Each child selected two books for their home libraries.

Research shows that selection and ownership are two keys to help children become better readers. We strive to bring books that match children’s interests. We have been known to search high and low to meet a child’s interests. Just this morning I was searching for a Star Wars book for a second grader at Youngsville Elementary.

Becoming better readers is not the goal. . Our goal is to nourish chidren’s dreams to help them aspire higher. Children who can’t read well struggle in school. Almost everything depends on reading. We want every child in our county to read well so they can soar high. To sum it up: We promote reading to help children achieve and succeed.

We welcome the whole community to join our efforts. Donations can be sent to Free Books for Kids Town, PO Box 565, Warren, Pa 16365. If you have books to donate feel free to place them in any of our book crates in downtown Warren stores. If you like to shop at yard sales , you can easily become one of our book angels. Book angels shop for good used books and donate them to our program by placing them in one of our downtown book crates.

We are grateful for the support we have received from our community and we look forward to touching more children’s lives.

Ruby Wiles


Free Books for Kids Town