PKP’s new focus puts Rimrock Bash event on hold

Rimrock Bash served its purpose well for two years.

Now, not holding the event will allow its organizers to move in another direction.

Usually, a successful event that draws thousands of people to an area in each of its first two years will not be called off.

Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways organized the first two years of the event to bring people and attention to the Rimrock Trail extending from Kinzua Beach to Rimrock Overlook.

The events were successful. “It was a well-received event and it did raise awareness, so we were willing to do it,” PKP’s Joe Colosimo said.

But the event cost its organizers time and money. “The Rimrock Bash was organized 100 percent by PKP and partners as volunteers,” Colosimo said. “It took many hours and many calls, permits, meetings, etc., to get it up and running.”

“Each year, we would usually pay out of pocket for final expenses,” he said.

On the day of the event, PKP was again relying on volunteers.

This year, the group’s direction and volunteer needs are different.

“On Father’s Day weekend this year, we will be treating the kiosk, securing benches, weeding and mulching the flower beds and building the handicap platform out there,” Colosimo said. “This will take a lot of man hours and volunteers.”

Once those Rimrock Trail tasks are wrapped up, PKP will move on.

“We will be shifting gears 100 percent toward the Trails at Jakes Rocks project,” Colosimo said. “The Trails at Jakes Rocks project is huge for our area and will require a substantial investment in time and resources.”

So Rimrock Bash is on hold.

“Much of the time we had for previous Rimrock Bashes was re-routed this year to make the arrangements and build the partnerships” needed to begin the trails project, Colosimo said. “We are focused on the Trails at Jakes Rocks project and will hopefully come back to the Bash in future years.”