Our opinion: Winners all

All four high schools in the Warren County School District will be represented at the PIAA State Track Meet at Shippensburg University today and tomorrow.

And, no matter how they finish at “states,” all of those athletes are already winners, having garnered either 1st place finishes or state qualifying times or distances at their district meets. Other county athletes are already involved in state, regional and district championship competition in tennis and baseball and softball.

We congratulate them all on their hard work and dedication.

Two weeks from today, we will congratulate hundreds of other winners. Friday, June 7, is Graduation Day in Warren County, and all seniors walking to their respective podiums to receive their diplomas are winners as well. Over the past 12 years they have grown from fresh-faced youngsters eager to fill their clean slates with information and ideas to new adults with promising lives ahead of them.

Make no mistake, if you are over the age of 50, these young people have been immersed in technology you could have only dreamed about at their age. They have successfully completed a rigorous set of standardized tests, which are only proving to be more difficult in the coming years.

They had to accomplish these things in order to be competitive in the world as adults.

They are our progeny, our hope for the world we must some day leave behind. We should be secure in the knowledge that we have done the best that we could to prepare them.