Housing Auth. pursues ADT lawsuit

The Warren County Housing Authority is moving forward with its lawsuit against ADT TYCO, the security firm contracted to provide and maintain camera systems at one of the authority’s housing sites.

Executive Director Tonya Mitchell-Weston said a formal complaint will be filed against ADT TYCO. “Our attorney thinks we have a slam dunk,” she added.

For nearly a year, the security camera system at River View Terrace has been a constant source of problems, requiring maintenance from a company that was contracted by ADT TYCO to install the cameras.

“We paid for the system, comprised of 21 cameras, which took forever to be installed,” said Mitchell-Weston in February. “From the day they were installed, we’ve had problems with them all working at the same time. I think only twice since they were installed have they all worked at the same time and that was only for about a week.”

According to Mitchell-Weston, the lack of properly functioning cameras sacrifices the safety and security that a fully operational system would provide.

ADT TYCO has claimed the camera system was struck by lightning, but authority member Gerald Carlson said the system didn’t work to begin with and “we have no physical evidence of a lightning strike.”

There are, however, parts missing from the camera system including an antenna, Mitchell-Weston said.

In moving forward and looking for a new security system provider, eight companies have responded so far, she said.

Also at the authority’s board of directors meeting, Community Day will be held on Saturday, June 15, from noon to 4:30 p.m. at the River View Terrace. The event is free and open to the public.

On Thursday, July 25, the authority will host a program to introduce current and prospective landlords to the housing choice voucher program. Interested landlords should contact Mitchell-Weston at 723-2312.