Dear editor:

(Pennsylvania Attorney General) Kathy Kane opposes pot legalization, as does (Pennsylvania Governor) Tom (Corbett) her boss because it is a gateway drug.

Now this archaic view based on watching Reefer Madness ads from the ’60s and the never changing archaic views from our archaic members of Congress would to Kathy make me an oxy-heroin addict by now. And hundreds of people I may have met over the years that may have smoked pot would be addicts by now.

It is not the case and I have a suggestion for Kathy and Tom. Grab a joint the two of you, perhaps a 6 pack and go to a drive-in and watch Animal House.

You two do not like each other but I bet after the night is over and a little laughter you guys will be cool. And if you guys become hardcore drug addicts I will be the first to apoligize.

Jack W. Landers