Our opinion: Bland primary

It will be Friday before a number of nominations for municipal offices will be decided in this year’s primary election.

The dearth of candidates for a number of important offices gives the write-in ballot more meaning than usual.

If you are a Democrat – yes, there are Democrats, a great many actually, in Warren County – you especially saw a lot of blank spaces in which to write in names.

It will now be up to the county Board of Elections on Friday, the official count day, to tablulate the results of Tuesday’s lack-luster contest.

About the only definitive nomination, other than for those who were the sole seeker of their goal, can be found on the front page of this newspaper – the Republican nominee for District Attorney.

We hope as the result of write-ins, there will be some additional choices when November’s exercise in democracy rolls around. We also hope that in the future, there are sufficient numbers of people who feel sufficiently drawn to public service that we won’t have to endure another election that would appear to an outsider as a public expression of apathy.

Local government is something about which no one should be apathetic. It is the government that most closely affects your daily life.