City mgr. taking unpaid leave

A temporary leadership shift is underway in the City of Warren.

Citing a personal matter, City Manager Nancy Freenock will be taking a leave of absence.

“When I am not there, Mary Ann Nau will be acting city manager,” Freenock told the Times Observer last Friday.

Nau, who currently serves as the city’s parks and recreation director and building code official, served as acting city manager during the period between when former city manager Jim Nelles retired and Freenock was hired.

Freenock added that she will be in the office on Fridays during the leave, and intermittently on other days.

“There’s a lot of things we have going on (that) I want to keep my finger on so I’ll be in and out of the office,” she said.

Freenock said that she expects to be back on a full-time basis in four to six weeks.

Nau said after Monday night’s council meeting that Freenock’s leave is unpaid.