Local 4-H summer camps are ready

In a short time the school bell will ring as an indication that summer vacation has begun. If you are looking for a fun and eventful summer, take a look at the 4-H Summer Programming. The 4-H Summer Program is open to child care providers who have youths age 8 and older and want to teach their participants about the fundamentals of the youth development program.

Many locations have participated in the 4-H Summer Program, including Rouse Children Center, Jefferson DeFrees Family Center, the YMCA, Cobham Youth, and Grace Summer Camp. As a result of the support received by the United Fund of Warren County this year’s summer program will be offered free of charge to the facilities that sign up by June 1.

This year’s 4-H Summer Program will focus on sustainable agriculture and the study of relationships in agriculture that keeps the population of the world going. The program will be led by the 4-H Summer Assistant and each week will have a theme. The program is tentatively set to begin June 17 and run through Aug. 2. The summer assistant is available to teach programs weekly. For additional details, contact Jennifer Grooms at 563-9388.

The 4-H program is a youth development program of Penn State Cooperative Extension. It is open to all youths between the ages of 8 and 19.