Hand-drawn Warren map donated to WCHS

On May 13, Dennis Bimber of Scandia presented the Warren County Historical Society with a rare hand-drawn map of Warren once owned by Thomas Struthers. The map, entitled “Map of Warren and City Point at the Junction of the Allegany and Conewango Rivers,” dates from 1848 and shows Warren at an early stage of its development.

Bimber found the map while cleaning out the closet of his late father, Stanley W. Bimber, a lifelong Warren County resident, in whose memory the map was donated.

The map shows the familiar downtown street plan, with many of the streets having the same names they do today. According to managing director Michelle Gray, “This artifact is one of many that returning intern Jude Harter will be accessioning into the Warren County Historical Society’s collections this summer. There are many treasured artifacts archived in Struthers-Wetmore-Shimmelfeng house, but I must say that it was quite a thrill accepting the Thomas Struthers’s hand-drawn map. Bimber has done Warren County a great favor by donating the map for all to enjoy.”

For more information, visit www.warrencounty.org.