DAR will help replace the 1932 plaque

The General Joseph Warren Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), met recently at Perkins and discussed the replacement of the plaque at Washington Park. It was decided that the chapter will donate towards the replacement of the plaque. The plaque was originally dedicated on Aug. 9, 1932. It was one of two plaques dedicated that day in honor of George Washinton bi-centennial. It will be replaced with 24″ x 20″ aluminum plaque with a flat raised profile of George Washington and the letters will be raised off the panel. The plaque will be 5/16 ” thick and painted to mimic colorization of a bronze plaque. This plaque will duplicate the original plaque placed that day at Washington Park and Morck Park. The plaque on the back of the stone will contain the names of the 13 original men who purchased the 65 acres for the town as a park for future generations to enjoy the view overlooking Warren. The cost for the replacement will be approx. $937.

For more information about the local DAR, visit www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~pagjwdar.