Dear editor:

Confused with the EHS Senior awards ceremony. As we have been donating for years we have always received notice as to what time the program would be and what time to arrive.

We have donated not only to graduating seniors but to football, wrestling, elementary wrestling, and host of other things. As we had not heard anything today I called the school. I was informed I needed to find that info on the web site.

When I asked how one would know that, I was told they had it in the paper. The lady did take my name etc. I was then told the program was June 5th at 1PM. I called then to talk with the principal, being concerned that I had to take off work to donate money for kids.

The principal told me they were doing it this way to get more people involved. I asked if any consideration was given to parents having to miss work to watch their kids get these awards or any consideration for other presenters that will have to miss work to give away money for kids. I told the principal it appeared to me that they were trying push out the presenters and parents to make it easier for the staff.

It’s wrong to ask struggling parents to miss work without pay or take vacation they they may need for other things to be at the school during the day. Many working parents have no vacation or time off coming so they can be present, they struggle to just pay the bills etc, and now the school wants them to miss work to make it easier for the school. I will be there as always and so will my wife be there like always.

This is an important thing helping kids. I hope other presenters can do the same. I feel very sorry for the parents that will not be able to be present as they must work. This program should be about the kids receiving the award and their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters seeing it happen not about making it easier or faster. I did speak with Mrs. Stewart at the central office make my concern known.

She informed that decision was made last year. They had ample time to notify presenters. I hope the parents got notified. I checked the District web site the Warren program is at 6:30 in the evening. Sheffield and Youngsville have nothing listed so it must be they do their notification by mail. Schools are for kids what happens in those schools should be about the kids. Teachers do their best. I listen to many of them concerning their struggles for everything. Praise them for what they do. Now let’s get the administration to think about the kids and their parents.

Maurice Golden