Our opinion: Ballot an opportunity

Except for the race for Warren County District Attorney, the primary ballot that will confront voters on Tuesday will leave a lot to the imagination.

For many, many seats in local government there are no challenges, and for some, there are no candidates at all.

The dearth of candidates is a sad commentary on a community that never seems to be wanting for things to criticize.

Nevertheless, there is another way to look at this ballot, and that’s the reason we mentioned imagination in the beginning of this missive.

Electronic voting machines have made writing in a candidate’s name much easier than it was when you had to slide open a little door and scribble a name on the paper beneath, said scribbling to be ultimately decifered by someone in the bureau of elections office later in the week.

Yes, in the instance there are not enough candidates to fill out the nomination for your party for a particular office, you are invited to nominate someone. In some cases, if the someone you nominate is also chosen by as few as nine other people, that person’s name will appear on the November general election ballot. It would be good, however, if you asked the person ahead of time if they had any interest in serving their community in an elected office.

That being said, there is no reason to fill the space with cartoon characters or snarky comments. That only demeans the exercise.

We do not believe the lack of candidates, particularly for some offices in this county, is an indication that there are no problems to be solved, no policies that need to be changed and no improvement to be made. It is simply an indication of a lack of resolve and commitment.

We can do better.