Sheffield Area News in Brief




Sheffield Hospitality


The menu for the week will be: Monday, stuffed pepper soup or chicken noodle with gingerbread w/lemon sauce for dessert. Thursday, smothered chicken, veg., tapioca pudding. Fridays buffet will feature pizza noodle casserole with cherry cobbler for dessert.

All meals are homemade and a 24-hour reservation is requested by calling 968-5667. Lunches are $4; under 60 yrs. and $3 for those over 60.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, May 23 for our Memorial day program that will begin at 1 p.m. with our Kitchen band and guest speaker Howard Brush. We will be handing out ‘Farmers vouchers’ on Monday, June 3, from 9 to 11 a.m. You must have ID and if you are not able to be present you must fill out a proxy form and sign to get your voucher. Annual income guidelines are 1 person in household $ 21,257 and 2 persons $28,694. if you qualify for these $20 vouchers. You must sign in upon arrival.

We will have an ‘Oldies & Goodies’ garage sale on June 15 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you would like to rent a table for $5. for your items call now. If you would like to donate to the Center call and we will pick up items for you with our bus.


July 26 we have a day trip on the Gateway Clipper for a luncheon cruise in Pittsburgh, with entertainment from the Patsy Cline era. Then we will visit the ‘Rivers Casino’ to round off a nice day out.

Sept. 15-21 board the motor coach for a trip to Branson where they host shows such as ’12 Irish Tenors’ Mel Tillis, Mickey Gilley and many more. Call for your brochure.

Looking ahead to 2014 Hawaii, the trip of a lifetime and we are going! We will fly out of Buffalo to Honolulu, then board the Norwegian ‘Pride of America’ that will be your home for eight days as you visit the Hawaiian Islands.

Sheffield Township

Supervisors Meeting

The Sheffield Township Supervisors met May 6 for their only meeting in May due to vacations of two supervisors.

Bill Simbeck of Saybrook Road was present asking when Saybrook Road would be fixed, the sewer expansion project has been complete and the road is still torn up. Supervisor Labesky explained the authority and the township were signing an agreement at the meeting in regards to the blacktopping of this road. Labesky read the entire agreement which stated that authority will pay to the township the sum of $133,000 for the repair and re-pavement of portions of township roadways known as Chapel Lane, Hathaway Lane, and Four Mile Road due to sanitary sewer line construction that occurred in 2012.

The township will undertake the responsibility for said repair and re-pavement of these roadways and the authority will have no responsibility for the workmanship, repair, warranty, or any other obligation for the conditions of the roadways whatsoever. Upon payment of the sum indicated, the roadways will be deemed as accepted by the township in their present condition and the authority will bear no further liability for their condition. The authority will undertake repairs and re-pavement of the township roadway known as Saybrook Road from the railroad track crossing on said road to the northern end of the road.

Two 15-inch culvert pipes will be replaced on the portion of the road from the bridge to the end of the road. A 1-foot wide gravel shoulder will be placed where full depth paving is done.

Re-pavement of the Saybrook Road will be performed by the authority as soon as possible and will be completed by Sept. 30. The parties agree that no other township roads, including Utah Road have been damaged by the authority sewage line construction activity and therefore the authority is not liable for repairs or re-pavement of any other township roadways. The parties acknowledge the authority is obligated to restore private driveways damaged by authority activities that are located within the township, including Camp Lane.

Mr. Alling of Chapel Lane was present asking how his road would be restored and when. Labesky stated that the township would go to bid for this road with the road being complete by October.

Jim Ordiway requested the supervisors look at the water problem in front of his house. He stated that he has an ice skating rink in the winter and a pool in the summer and that the storm drain needs to be cleaned out.

Labesky will have the roadmaster take a look at this problem. Jim Page of Chapel Lane asked if there is an ordinance that covers obscenities on the front of somebody house. He also stated that this property has trash hanging out of the dumpster and needs cleaned out. Chief Madigan was suppose to talk to these individuals about the burning of the garbage and has yet to do this. The supervisors will have Madigan investigate property and ask that the obscenities be removed from the front door. Ordiway asked the supervisor why the road crew quit working at 2:30 p.m. Labesky stated that the employees work an 8-hour day with their hours being 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with a half hour off for lunch.

Alling also asked about the smell of sewage, plastic on windows and blue tarp on roof at 57 Chapel Lane and what can be done about these problems. Todd Fantaskey of Northwest Soil Services has been contacted and is in the process of contacting the individual who is living in the dwelling along with the property owner that he has until July 31 to connect to the public sewage system prior to this date or he will be facing legal action.

The Redevelopment Authority is requesting the township’s input on the Dipierro property on Saybrook Road. The supervisors requested the secretary send a letter to the Redevelopment Authority informing that they would like to see new windows, new roof, new siding and new doors on all four sides of this building or else the building needs to be torn down. Supervisor McMillen asked that the crowning of the football field be done prior to fall football season at the Sports Complex. There are holes that need to be filled in.

Constable Greg Dalton informed the supervisors that he has just completed 20 hours of continued education in regards to Act 129. ASTM certified chips will be purchased for the playground and delivered on Friday, May 31 to the playground. The supervisors are asking for a workbee on Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2 for any volunteers who like to help out the township in spreading this tractor trailer load of wood chips onto the Memorial Park playground the help would be greatly appreciated. The Lions Club has donated the funds for this project through the concession stand fund. The Summer Playground program will begin on Monday, June 10.

The auditor from the Department of the Auditor General office was in and performed an audit on the 2010 and 2011 state fund. No discrepancies were found.

The Maintenance garage and Police Department garage are both in need of new roofs, the secretary will prepare a public notice to go to bid. Northwest Soil Services has sent a letter to Michael and Stephanie Akers advising them to immediately connect to the public wastewater system due to the current conditions at 4031 Route 6, Sheffield. They have 10 days to contact Todd Fantaskey to discuss their schedule for hooking into the public system.

A letter from Dan Glotz was reviewed in regards to blighted property notifications letters being sent to property owners of blighted properties to include a copy of the analysis report, a copy of the Municipal Resolution declaring the property blighted and an itemized list of deficiencies or corrective actions the property owner must resolve in order to address the blight. E & M Engineers is requesting a 6 month time extension to complete the final design for the Henry’s Mills Bridge. This was signed and approved.

The next meeting of the Sheffield Township Supervisors will be Monday, June 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the Sheffield Hospitality Center.

Sheffield Area Middle

Senior High School

The Sheffield Area Volunteer Club will be hosting a 50 Sporting Clay Target Shoot on May 25 at the Kalbfus Rod and Gun Club in Clarendon.

Admission is $25 and nearly 50 percent of all money raised will be donated to the Four Diamonds Fund in Hershey and Caring 4 Life in Warren. Both charities support families with children who have serious illnesses. The admission price includes a catered lunch and bucket raffle.

Spring Clean-up in

Sheffield Township

The Annual Spring Clean Up will take place in the front parking lot at the Sheffield Area Middle Senior High School, due to the construction of the new addition at the school, on Saturday, June 22 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dumpsters will be located for Sheffield Township residents only to clean up their properties of junk and debris.

No household garbage, no lawn or garden trimmings and no paint or hazardous materials. There will be dumpsters for the recycling of electronics, computers,TVs, etc. These items are no longer welcome in your weekly trash pickup at the landfills, so this is a great time to get rid of old TVs and computers and other electronic items.

The cost is $5 per carload; $10/$20 per pickup truck load and $5 for each appliance along with $1 for each battery. Items such as old furniture, appliances, mattresses, water heaters, barrels, etc., are allowed as long as the item can be hand-dumped by the residents. No hydraulic truck bed dumping is permitted. Areas will also be set up to take scrap metal, electronics and general items.

Sheffield Elementary


The 5th Grade dinner will be Monday, June 3 at the Sheffield Fire Hall at 6 p.m. The Wayne Chamberlain Award, Mandi Fitch Most Improved Reader and the Jamie Retterer awards will be given out.

Coming Events

Today Sheffield Sports Boosters Golf Scramble

May 18-19 Warren County Fire Police PA Convention

May 23 Memorial Day Program at the Sheffield Senior Center with Howard Brush speaking

May 26 Sheffield Rod & Gun Club Chicken BBQ

May 27 Sheffield VFW Memorial Services at 9 a.m.

Ludlow James Uber Post489 Memorial Services at 11:15 a.m.

June 1 Sheffield Rotary Golf Scramble

June 1 3rd Quinquennial SHS Alumni Basketball Game

June 2 3-D Archery Shoot at Sheffield Rod & Gun

June 6 Last day of School for Warren County School District

June 7 Commencement for Seniors

June 15 Sheffield Days

June 22 Spring Clean up

July 8-12 Community Vacation Bible at Sheffield UMC 6-8 p.m. “Super Heroes from the Bible”

July 17-20 Sheffield Fireman’s Festival

July 19-20 Sheffield Alumni Weekend

July 26 Sheffield Senior Center trip to Pittsburgh on the Gateway Clipper

Sept 15-21 Sheffield Senior Center trip to Branson

Oct 11-13 8thth Annual Johnny Appleseed Festival

Oct 19 SVFD Fall Auction doors open at noon

Nov 1-8 Sheffield Senior Center trip to Hawaii

Dec 14 SVFD Christmas Auction doors open at noon