Tax on church

Dear editor,

You know I’m really shocked, I found out recently that our city of Warren is trying to tax Calvary Chapel Church. Of all things, not one person at that church is on a salary, we barely get enough in to keep the place going and Warren wants to tax us. I thought that non-profit entities escaped the burden of taxation if they were not making a profit and if they were an asset to the community?

Our pastor is not provided a home or salary and he actually works full time to provide for his family. Our assistant pastor works full time as well. In fact everything that is accomplished at Calvary is done by volunteers. Calvary is always providing meals from our congregation to help those in need, we have a clothing box for donations to those needing clothes, we visit people in the hospital, the nursing homes, we have provided free entertainment on numerous occasions.

The times that we had a cover price, barely covered, and sometimes didn’t, the cost of putting on the production. We hold a Harvest Carnival every year during Halloween and provide a safe place for our kids to go where they can have fun, collect candy, play games and it’s all provided by donation from the community and our congregation. We provide youth group activities for all ages and Calvary Chapel is always trying to find new ways to reach out to our community to help where needed and the thanks that Warren gives is to tax them. We don’t have the funds as some big churches do so whatever money we use to help others comes from the congregation minus, now, taxes.

Warren, you should be ashamed of yourselves. If this is just the work of a few elected people then we need to vote them right out. The whole process as to how this came about is pretty suspicious to begin with and I don’t think it’s ethical and maybe not legal. What kind of statement are we saying to our children and our community when we do things like this? You should never hurt the ones that are trying to help us. I know things are getting tighter financially but instead of hurting our selves maybe we should cut back on some of the things that are not as necessary. I have seen several things in the paper lately that would fit this bill.

Thank you for your time.

Ashamed in Warren,

Bob Evertsen