Pine Grove addresses burning


The Pine Grove Township Supervisors approved a resolution to address a burning complaint during their meeting Tuesday night at the township office in Russell.

Secretary Julie Parmenter reported to the supervisors that a concerned citizen called in a complaint on April 29.

“What there is, people are burning trash,” Chairman Charles Morrison said. “It stays there forever.”

Pine Grove Township has a nuisance ordinance, but does not specifically have a burning ordinance.

Parmenter said the nuisance ordinance does cover burning and that the township supervisors can execute a resolution declaring that specific instance of burning a nuisance. She told the supervisors that they “have to have that resolution before you can go farther” from an enforcement perspective.

She explained that the individual who reported the burning said the people burning “let it smolder all the time.”

There was discussion regarding how trash burning in a residential neighborhood is concerning and questionably should not take occur.

In preparing the resolution, Supervisor Linda Farnsworth asked if passing a resolution to address the situation would cover all garbage burning in the township.

Parmenter said that it would not.

Morrison added that, with burning already in the nuisance ordinance, the resolution just allows for enforcement.

The supervisors approved the resolution unanimously.