Warren Gives final tally in

With final numbers in, it is even more apparent that the inaugural Warren Gives was a smashing success.

In total, $121,194 was raised by 610 donors during the 12-hour exclusively online fundraising drive held on May 8.

With a $25,000 match generated by the Community Foundation of Warren County, the DeFrees Family Memorial Fund and the Sara Sokolski Memorial Fund, the total generated as a result of Warren Gives is $146,194.

According to the event’s website, 85 non-profit organizations participated in the event. In addition to receiving the donations directly from donors, the $25,000 match was proportionally distributed to the non-profits based on the amount each received through donations.

With the match included, Struthers Library Theatre received the most at $17,354.90. House of Hope of Warren County was second with $9,856.71 and Chief Cornplanter Council, Boy Scouts of America, received $8,433.09.

Paws Along the River, Warren Public Library, the Salvation Army, the Warren County YMCA, Bollinger Enterprises, Russell United Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church round out the top 10.

Paws Along the River received the most individual donations with 89.

Donors were allowed to make up to 10 donations per transaction with a $25 minimum. That means, while there were 610 donors, the total number of donations was more than double that at 1,327.

$4,000 was the highest single donation and the most donations by one donor was 38. All 85 non-profits received at least one gift with the average gift at $92. The average per donor was $198.68 with an average of 2.18 donations per donor.

“What a special day May 8 was! The enthusiasm and generosity of our community was evident and something for each and every one of us to be proud of,” said a statement on the Warren Gives website. “We look forward to next year. See you May 8, 2014 for a new day of giving!”