Micah Passmore had four hits and was winning pitcher as MWR Construction pulled away on Saturday in a Boys Minors win. John Susz added two hits in the win.

On Tuesday, Passmore homered to give Susz the win.

Warren Fence shortstop Ben Salapek gunned a strike to catcher Hunter Harding, who tagged out the runner to end the first inning of the tight game between Warren Fence Company and Whirley on Tuesday night. Salapek ended the night with nine strikeouts pitching the last three innings, battling Tyler Gustafson on the mound. Gustafson ended with eight strikeouts for Whirley. Offensively, Dylan Maeder and Gustafson had two doubles each for Whirley.

Adam Irwin had seven strikeouts in a one-hit, five-inning Boys Juniors win for Rod Johnson Construction. Mason Albaugh and Connor Ristau each had two hits and three RBI in the win.

Ryan Rafalski and Will Strassburg had two hits each as Wells Fargo Advisors handed Wilcox Brothers a 13-0 Boys Minors setback on Tuesday.

Brennan White was 4-for-4, helping Betts to a 13-8 Boys Juniors victory over A&B Heating. Parker Neal earned the win and Matt Leonard was credited with the save for the winners.

Boys Minors

MWR Construction 111 4(20) – 27

Wilcox Brothers 103 04 – 8

3b-Micah Passmore (M). WP-Passmore.

The Bucket 322 0 – 7 7

MWR Construction 561 x – 12 5

2b-Colby Hagg (T), Zane Alexander (T), Ben Berdine (M). HR-Micah Passmore (M). WP-John Susz.

Warren Fence 221 00 – 5

Whirley 220 00 – 4

2b-Ben Salapek (WF), Dylan Maeder (Wh) 2, Tyler Gustafson (Wh) 2. WP-Salapek.

Wells Fargo Advisors 661 0 – 13 9

Wilcox Brothers 000 0 – 0 1

2b-Ryan Rafalski (WFA), Max Conklin (WFA), Conner Cummings (WFA), Alex Zariczny (WFA), Justin Rich (WFA), Will Strassburg (WFA) 2. WP-Bryce Blair.

Boys Juniors

Rod Johnson Construction 340 00 – 7 6

Betts 100 00 – 1 1

2b-Matt Leonard (B), Mason Albaugh (R). WP-Adam Irwin.

Betts 103 36 – 13 12

A&B Heating 300 50 – 8 8

2b-Mitchell Bryant (A), Matt Leonard (B), Brennan White (B). WP-Parker Neal. Save-Leonard.