Moral decline

Dear Editor,

As I observe what’s going on in our nation and in the world, I can’t help but come away with a deep inner realization that our course is not sustainable. There is obviously no good future in it. This downward spiral in our culture and morality has a bottom, and we know we are headed there quickly and out of control.

Mass shootings take place almost daily, and spiritual blindness points to guns as the problem. Mass addictions ravage our neighborhoods, and the same blindness points to drugs as the problem. Every day the news reports of a new horror that has happened. We are shocked by a new low, but should we be? Our media constantly dishes out mass murder and pornography for our “entertainment”, and then we wonder why our children are raped and killed – or want to become like their media heroes.

The government chops at the branches of violence and hatred through legislation and think they have accomplished something, but then turn and fertilize the very root of its evil by legalizing abortion, endorsing homosexual behavior and “protecting us” from every reference to Jesus in the public square -for fear that someone might be offended by His goodness.

There is a story about “fat cat -skinny cat”. If you have two cats and you only feed one of them, which one will rule? The fat cat obviously. If you feed evil and starve righteousness, then evil will rule and this is exactly the condition of our country. We are seeing the fruit of our national choice – the kingdom of satan over the Kingdom of God.

Many think that if you can remove the gun from the hand that you have somehow removed the evil from the heart, or if you remove the drug from the hand you have somehow helped the addiction. Not so. The issue is a heart and spiritual issue and no matter how we try to manipulate the externals, unless the heart is changed nothing will change. Men tinker with outward changes, but only God can change the heart.

Jesus came to earth to die for our sin so that through faith in Him and Him alone true heart change can happen that brings life. We need Him, individually and nationally.

One day, and I believe that day is very soon, everyone will kneel in one way or another before His glory.

Bob Holland