Dear editor:

Election time is at hand. Standing out in this cycle is the candidacy for district attorney: importance of the position and historic fact two candidates are running against the incumbent. What does this tell one?

1. Prime requisite of any attorney is predetermination of witness veracity and to serve the good of the whole – common sense, the basis of common law, what the common man may endure. Doing otherwise is either dumb or deliberate: incompetent, but morally and professionally unethical in the cost of taxpayer dollars in the upending of lives of innocent people.

2. The opposition obviously feels they can do a better job than what has been coming out of that office (overt signs of inward operations), sending a powerful signal to the electorate: Time for a change.

Wherefore, to life (vote) or not to lift (vote)?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson

citizen advocate