Beaty-Warren Industry Club takes top honors at expo

The title has been retained.

The Beaty-Warren Industry Club took home first place honors for the second year in a row at the 8th Annual Industry Club Expo at Cross Creek Resort in Titusville on May 1.

Approximately 150 students from 17 industry clubs across six northwestern Pennsylvania counties gathered at the annual event to give presentations on what they’ve studied and meet their peers.

“The expo was pretty fun because you got to meet new people and learn about what their industry did,” club member Brionna Childs said.

The Industry Club Program began in 2004 as a means of helping middle school students explore careers in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Through the program, clubs of students meet twice per-week for eight weeks. They first spend a meeting researching an industry before spending the next meeting touring a local business that is part of that industry.

“I enjoy it,” club member Riley Zaffino said. “I think it’s a good experience.”

Club member Callie Hampson agreed, “I like industry club. It’s a fun and easy way to learn about different jobs for the future.”

Beaty students primarily presented on the plastics industry and recounted their trip to Whirley-Drinkworks!, but they also discussed the public service industry, including police and criminal justice work, and veterinary medicine.

The expo is sponsored by the Regional Center for Workforce Excellence and presentations are judged by education and business professionals.

The Beaty club is sponsored by a grant from Venango Training and Development through the school-to-work program.

“I think the competition was put together well,” Zaffino added.

Students had a word of advice for those considering joining the club.

“I encourage people to try it next year,” Emily Hannak said.

Paul Cappello noted, “Industry club is really fun.”

“I advise everyone to join industry club and learn,” Mariesa Clark added.