Registration Up Slightly

More than 25,000 Warren County residents will be eligible to vote in the Primary Election on Tuesday, May 21.

A total of 29,276 residents are registered to vote. Of those, 14,092 are registered Republican and 11,087 Democrat. Of the remaining 4,097, 142 are registered Libertarian and 3,955 are parts of other parties.

The total registration is up.

“We’re up from last spring,” Voter Registrar and Director of Elections Lisa Zuck said on Thursday. “We were at 28,888.”

Registered Republicans and Democrats may vote in the primary.

Democrats will have fewer choices than Republicans. For example, no candidates for District Attorney appear on the Democratic ballot, nor are there Democratic candidates for Warren City Council.

Because there is a referendum question on the ballot in Youngsville Borough, all registered voters may go to the polls and vote. “If you’re an independent in Youngsville, when you go to the poll you will only see this questions,” Zuck said.

The questions is, “Shall the residence requirement for the Borough Manager be revised to extend the boundary to all of Warren County instead of the current ‘up to a 5 mile radius outside of the borough'”?

That referendum question is an up-or-down vote that will be decided by the primary voting. “It won’t go to the general election (in November),” Zuck said.

Tuesday is the deadline to turn in an application for a regular absentee ballot.

Those who are voting by absentee ballots have to have them turned in, not merely postmarked, by Friday, May 17.