Hill & Dale club has busy spring

The Hill & Dale Garden Club will meet May 22 to go to Hearts Content for a “tailgate party.” Mary Lou VanDorn arranged for a botanist, April Moore, to present a program on invasive species and a program on Hearts Content.

The Hill & Dale Garden Club met March 27 at Cable Hollow Church. Vice president Pam McCarthy opened the meeting, and Peg Stino read devotions and led prayer. Refreshments were provided by hostesses Audrey Cable, chairperson, and Betty Lindell, Pat Wilcox and Peg Stino.

“What was or is your favorite garden tool” was the topic, and members had been asked to bring them for a “show & tell.” There were many different tools brought and talked about. Tools were brought by: Prsicilla Spencer her trowel, Carol Lewis bigger trowel, Elizabeth McMillen talked about two of her favorite tools that her husband had bought her many years ago, Pauline Baran had a combined fork on one end and trowel on other end (very old), Carol Eckert weed popper, Pam McCarthy Fiskars edger some different types, so was interesting.

Minutes were read by Stino.

Two carloads of members went to Baldwin Reynolds Home in November, and Ruth Ann Devore reported it was really a nice tour she was impressed, said they had many different trees made by various different objects.

Several people had gone to VanDorn’s art show last November and thought it was a very good show with beautiful pictures.

Garden therapy will be held at the Rouse May 20. Volunteers are needed as are flowers.

“Linda Little’s” little dish garden with cactuses was the topic of the April 24 meeting with 17 members and a guest attending. Eleanor Johnson led devotions about gardening with scripture Genesis 8:22 and she led in prayer.

Little presented each member with dishes & soil for the cactus dish gardens. She stated these will need lots of sunlight so in winter put next to a south window if possible, otherwise use east or west window, as north just doesn’t get enough sun for them. Let them sit in water twice a month for hour, if still wet let them dry out. Linda showed two cactus from rain forest. Also showed us living stones. She had several different types of cactuses or succulents for each member to pick from for their very own dish garden and each was told to pick out at least four they liked. She used Miracle Grow and mixes with sand, etc for planters. Everyone then put their own dish gardens together and they came out really nice

A thank you note was read from Rouse for the bingo prizes sent at Christmas time.

A $50 donation was received from the McKenney family from Florida to be used toward the upkeep for the Miles Marker. The group talked about putting pansies and some mulch around with some of this donation.

A Miles Marker workbee will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, May 17. Members discussed the need for a workbee at Sugar Grove Park and Northern Area Homes.

Eleanor Wilcox brought some seed packets donated from Kent Wilcox for the Garden Club members to take.

Cards were passed around for members who weren’t able to attend the meetings.