Our opinion: Thanks all around

Congratulations, Warren Gives, and thank you to those 609 individuals who allowed the inaugural Warren Gives effort to exceed its goal of $100,000 by more than 20 percent.

Warren County has a tradition of giving. Each year for as long as most folks can remember, this community has allowed the Warren County United Fund to exceed its goal.

We are a community of givers, from those who give of their time and those who give of their funds (frequently the same people), who believe that sustaining and growing a community of neighbors who look out for one another takes commitment and personal sacrifice. From volunteer firefighters to library and hospital volunteers, theirs is a special, often unsung, contribution.

Warren Gives has had a great beginning, though given Warren County’s history and traditions, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Dozens of organizations that help all of us in this community every day will benefit from this latest philanthropic achievement.

Along with our congratulations and thanks, we look forward to the next Warren Gives, the continuation and expansion of another great tradition of giving.