Cnty. board delays action for more info

The Warren County Commissioners tabled a number of items on the agenda during their Wednesday morning meeting.

A resolution authorizing representation to the Workforce Investment Board was tabled after Commissioner John Bortz said three members of the WIB from Venango, Forest and Clarion counties have been looking to split from the region without the full consultation of member counties.

“While I would like to say to you we have all of our issues resolved so we can join, I’m not so sure exactly what the status is of our region, to begin with” Bortz said. “Here again, I cannot come to you with full confidence and say that we should sign this agreement or move forward with it.”

Commissioner John Eggleston seconded the motion to table the resolution and asked if adding a paragraph to clarify and exclude the county from any financial obligation would be possible.

“I’d like to say yes to that, however, apparently there is some language within the Workforce Investment Act that we’re going to have to reconcile ourselves to…it’s the same old thing we said over and over again, to the extent any of us sit on boards as advisory or policy making is one thing, but to say we’re binding us individually on a performance level whether it be financial or otherwise, that’s another thing all together. That’s were the rub is in all of this,” Bortz said.

An agreement for the Fire Services program web development with Insight Technologies for an internet/intranet project designed to enhance communication among the county’s fire departments and with the community at large was also tabled to clarify language within the agreement.

“The questions we had before were who is responsible fiscally and the proprietary rights. The proprietary rights basically needed to be explained that the fire services will own the use of any of these, but they may not sell it to profit from it. The ownership of the development of this belongs to the company that develops it…it just protects the company that develops the program so that fire services doesn’t sell their product,” Chairman Stephen Vanco said.

Phase one of the project is fully funded and phase two is partially funded. Vanco said, “It looks like it will have the funding by the time it’s ready to be put into place.”

Fiscal Director Toby Rohlin said the language concerning the proprietary rights of the program was inconsistent and should be given to the county solicitor to clarify the language.

The commissioners agreed and tabled the agreement.

Two resolutions with the Transit Authority of Warren County for a local match for state operation financial assistance and a local match for certifying responsibility of municipality for advertising revenue shortfall were both tabled as well.

Bortz said the agreement with TAWC has been done in the past, but noted the language excluded the third party in the agreement, the Area Agency on Aging.

“We have had a three-way agreement in the past that as a part of their use of the second floor of the intermodal transportation center, they would provide any money that wasn’t raised through advertising on the side of the buses. They have a goal and if they rent it all, nobody pays anything, the advertising pays for it. If that falls below a certain point, then what we do as a county is we say we’ll pay it,” Eggleston said. “Well, part of the agreement Experience Incorporated had when they leased that building was they would pay it. But their funding like everybody else’s has been cut, so I’m not sure they’re going to be able to do that anymore. So we need to find out exactly what we’re obligated to. In the past this has been kind of pro forma, we’d say we’ll do it, but we didn’t really have to do it, we didn’t have to come up with the money. In this case, we may have to come up with the money, we haven’t budgeted it, so we have to figure that out.”

The commissioners approved a list of 28 contracted providers for the 2013-2014 fiscal year for Children and Youth Services as well as a memorandum of understanding with Children and Youth Services and a $5,000 non-competitive grant from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

A proclamation declaring Emergency Medical Services Week from Sunday, May 19 to Saturday, May 25 was approved as well as a proclamation declaring the month of May as Foster Care Month.