YMCA will benefit from WarrenGives

The Warren County YMCA will also benefit from WarrenGives online today.

The YMCA isn’t just a gymnasium. It’s more than that. It is a place where senior adults meet for social time while they bounce on a yoga ball to strengthen their core, socialize and keep active. It is where an aquatics program is packed full of adults recovering from aches and pains of aging and arthritis. It’s a place where kids come to be fit to one of the only specialty fitness programs in the whole county.

There are adults and children with disabilities that limit their movement or the inability to manage themselves. They too come to be with a group of their peers to have fun, splash around the pool and continue to develop and tone their muscles.

The independent adults who live in a group setting enjoy the Y. They and their aid are welcomed daily, meeting friends, pushing themselves to new experiences while continuing to develop new relationships and circumstances.

How about the scores of children who are in our childcare department? They are offered trained staff with bright and colorful rooms, scheduled activities and free meals.

The ARK (Activity Room Kids) program is free to every child in Warren County. The Y has a mentor ready and able to help with an art project, play a game or just talk about their day.

And of course there are the countless faceless families and individuals who are at the YMCA through financial assistance. The girls scout and boy scout troops who meet here to make Warren a better place to live. How about the autistic support group that holds regular meetings to assist families and children with autism and of course the countless people we have trained with CPR and FIRST AID to make everyone safe in our daily lives.

You don’t think about or envision these programs when you hear the name YMCA. You just see a gym. But, we are more than a gym. We are a community, the community of Warren County, meeting here, playing here, and having a life here. Some of these programs are offered free and those that are not are available to apply for scholarship either through the program or through their membership.