Bear Lake youths have 30-Hour Famine

On April 26 and 27, the Youth Group from The Church At Bear Lake participated in the 30-Hour Famine for World Vision. During the 30-Hour Famine, the teens broke up into four tribes and learned about hunger and need in the world by fasting for 30 hours. They slept in cardboard boxes in the unheated church building. In an effort to raise their own awareness and the awareness of the community of Bear Lake and surrounding areas, they focused on sharing the love of Jesus Christ with their neighbors and the world.

The teens have raised funds to be designated for Zimbabwe. Here at home, they participated in the “FRACK Attack” (Fully Random Acts of Crazy Kindness) in which they sought to bless people in a number of ways. They also raised money through recycling to help meet local needs.

During their service activity, they helped clean up the property of a local elderly resident who wasn’t able to keep up on yard work and maintenance.

In the group photo, from left, rear to right are Heather O’Neil, Travis Stanbro, Tom Dunn, Pastor Bob Senz, Rachel Brown, Josh Haight, Zach Rigard, Marjean Hagburg (property owner) Madi Hultman, Brittany Reed, Barb Dunn, and, in front from left, Madison Brewer, Joel Haight, Noah Senz, Jared Younger, Daymara Haskins, Amy Senz and Hosanna Senz.