Our opinion: A simple dream

Some people dream extravagantly.

There’s the common if-I-won-the-lottery fantasy of giant, luxurious homes perched on a beach in some tropical locale, the stuff of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, fun for those few moments just after buying a ticket.

Then there are those people who dream of having what many of us already have, “simple, decent” houses where a family can live safely and sufficiently comfortable to raise children and build new lives.

A few decades ago an organization was founded that addresses that second dream and makes it attainable, what many people consider an essential part of “The American Dream.”

Habitat for Humanity wasn’t heard of much until a former president and his wife (Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, in case you’ve forgotten) rolled up their sleeves and got involved with some grass-roots work to provide safe, affordable housing to people who were willing to pitch in to build it. This is not a government-funded program. This is not what some people refer to as “on the dole.”

Habitat for Humanity is a community coming together to partner with a family willing to commit to creating a home that is “simple, decent” and within their financial reach.

There are no give-aways. The family is expected to spend hundreds of hours investing “sweat equity” in the dwelling it will ultimately own.

In the end, families have a base from which to grow; neighborhoods are not only sustained but enhanced; communities are strengthened. And, it all happens without taxpayers footing the bill.

Warren County’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity is looking for a family for its next project. Let’s hope they find one quickly to continue the good work in this community.