City, state conduct food service inspections


Both the City of Warren and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture have released the results of recent food service inspections.

The City of Warren released the following six-month inspections conducted in April:

NY Style Deli, 338 Pennsylvania Ave. W. one critical violation – meatballs in sauce not at proper hot holding temperature (corrected).

Country Fair, 413 Pennsylvania Ave. E., one critical violation – uncovered food in pizza prep refrigerator, and one non-critical violation – serving utensil stored lying in food.

Kim’s Cafe, 220 Pennsylvania Ave. W., no violations.

Wendy’s, 60 Pennsylvania Ave. E., one critical violation – chili not at proper hot holding temperature (corrected).

Kelly’s Pub, 408 Pennsylvania Ave. W., no violations.

The city also released the following inspections good through April 30, 2014:

Chiodo’s, 413 Pennsylvania Ave. W., no violations.

Grumpy’s 904 Pennsylvania Ave. W., one critical violation – staff hand-washing station not adequately supplied, and one non-critical violation – kitchen ventilation system needs to be cleaned.

Kwik Fill, 2016 Pennsylvania Ave. E., no violations.

Bullpen, 200 Falconer St., one critical violation – uncovered food in refrigerator, and one non-critical violation – staff without hair restraints in kitchen area.

Kwik Fill, Pennsylvania Avenue and Hickory Street, no violations.

First Church of God, 1111 Madison Ave., no violations.

The Department of Agriculture released the results of the following inspections in Warren County conducted in February, March, and April.

Allegheny Valley Elementary School, 100 Main St., Clarendon, no violations.

Applebee’s, 2725 Market St., three violations – one gallon of milk past sell-by date located in reach-in cooler (discarded during inspection); two hand-wash sinks in the back of the kitchen do not have hot water available (plumber scheduled to repair, all staff use other stations); ventilation system with a heavy accumulation of dust needs to be cleaned.

Beaty-Warren Middle School, 2 E. Third Ave., no violations.

Bob Evans, 360 Jackson Run Rd., three violations – cut lettuce held at 53 degrees rather than 41 degrees or below (product removed and replaced); food debris and litter on floor and under food storage shelves of walk-in freezer; salad bowls and plates stored in bottom of cold hold unit with food contact surface up had food particles in them (will use wall-mounted unit).

The Bucket Cafe, 20 Main St., Sugar Grove, no violations.

Burger King, 2715 Market St. Ext., two violations – temperature measuring device for equipment was not readily accessible in cold hold unit (found and place in unit during inspection); build-up of grease and old food debris under fryers in food prep area.

Conewango Valley Country Club, 4961 Market St., one violation – food employee certification not posted.

Dairy Queen, 1067 Market St., one violation – handwash sink in food prep area blocked by boxes on the floor and not accessible at all times (boxes will be moved).

Dollar General, 73 Railroad St., Youngsville, no violations.

Downunder, 7 E. Main St., Youngsville, three violations – light bulbs over three-basin sink in bar are not shielded nor shatterproof; keg cooler has an accumulation of black slime on lower left shelf; ventilation hood system filters and wall below have accumulation of static grease and dust and cooling unit of walk-in cooler has a heavy accumulation of dust on the condenser.

Fairmont Tavern, 118 E. Main St., Youngsville, two violations – multiple cracked and damaged tiles on the floor near entrance to bar and beer storage room no longer easily cleanable; rodent activity in the dry-food storage evident by five mouse-like droppings on floor under bottom storage shelf (owner buying traps, will clean, monitor and work to eradicate pest activity).

The Galley, 201 E. Main St., Youngsville, two violations – two tube lights in ventilation hood system missing end caps; filters of ventilation hood system have heavy build-up of static dust and grease.

Hog Haven, 2481 Matthews Run Rd., Youngsville, four violations – unable to provide proof that a jar of apple butter was from an approved source (jar removed); thermometers for ensuring proper food temperatures not calibrated/functioning properly in cold hold unit and refrigerator at back of food prep area (new thermometer found and placed); two light bulbs in back food prep area missing end caps; food employee certification not posted.

Kwik Fill, 274 State St., Youngsville, no violations.

Lee House, 100 Leather St., Sheffield, six violations – potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food held for more than 48 hours without date mark; thermometers for ensuring proper temperatures not available in two refrigerators at back food prep area; no sanitizer test strips nor kit to determine sanitizer concentrations; lights not shielded nor shatterproof over three-basin sink in bar area; ceiling tiles in both restrooms need replacement/repair; heavy grease accumulation on ventilation fans above fryer in food prep area.

Mugs, 114 E. Main St., Youngsville, no violations.

Nanak Multiservices, 22740 Route 6, Youngsville, no violations.

Napoli Pizza, 1666 Market St., no violations.

Pleasant Valley Inn, 29200 Route 6, Youngsville, two violations – pink slime on ice deflector inside ice maker (cleaned); dust accumulation on ceiling above reach-in freezer in food prep area.

Red Oak Campground, 225 Norman Rd., Russell, no violations.

Rolling Express Tobacco, 980 Market St., no violations.

Roma’s Pizzeria, 928 Market St. Ext., no violations.

Russell Elementary School, 6820 Market St., Russell, no violations.

Russell VFD Ladies Auxiliary, 111 Perrigo Ave., Russell, no violations.

Scandia Volunteer Fire Department, 5950 Scandia Rd., Russell, no violations.

Sheffield Area Middle High School, 6760 Route 6, Sheffield, no violations.

Sheffield Beer and Ice, 301 S. Main St., Sheffield, no violations.

Sheffield Elementary School, 222 Pickering St., Sheffield, two violations – dust accumulation on exterior top of high temperature dish machine; one light bulb above the entrance to the dish room not shielded nor shatterproof (work order placed).

Sheffield Vets Club, 431 Austin Hill Rd., Sheffield, one violation – build-up of congealed black food residue inside soda/water dispenser in bar area (cleaned).

South Street Early Learning Center, 713 Pennsylvania Ave. E., one violation – food spillage and debris on bottom shelf of reach-in freezer.

St. Francis of Assisi, 343 E. Main St., Youngsville, one violation – thermometers for ensuring proper food temperatures not calibrated/functioning properly (110 degrees at room temperature) and no ice available to calibrate during inspection (discussed calibration process).

Sugar Grove Elementary School, 1 School St., Sugar Grove, one violation – spray bottle containing liquid not labeled with contents (labeled).

Town N Country Food Center, 19 Main St., Sugar Grove, two violations – thermometers for ensuring proper food temperatures not available in cold-hold sandwich prep unit; heavy build-up of dust on fins of cooling unit and back wall of walk-in cooler.

Train Station, 1 Railroad St., one violation – exposed fiberglass insulation above dry storage area.

Warren Area Elementary Center, 349 E. Fifth Ave., one violation – build-up of static dust in ventilation hood over steamers and ovens.

Warren Area High School, 345 E. Fifth Ave., two violations – no backflow prevention device on hose beneath dish flush area (work orders placed); numerous rodent-like droppings observed in back dry storage area and around food storage pallets, no rodents or evidence of compromised food (pest control steps had been taken already).

Warren County Career Center, 347 E. Fifth Ave., no violations.

Weidner’s Deli/Genuine Jerky, 27600 Route 6, Youngsville, one violation – no ingredient list for bulk candy display, required labeling not on repackaged candy, improper labels on reduced oxygen packages of jerky.

Youngsville Dairy Queen, 28670 Route 6 W., Youngsville, no violations.

Youngsville Firemans Auxiliary, 29 Fireman Dr., Youngsville, no violations.