School district policy outlines penalties in bullying incidents

The report on cyberbullying in Thursday’s Times Observer cited the Warren County School District’s policy on bullying, but did not outline the penalties for offenses.

According to district policy 10510(4)K, student harassment, penalties are as follows:

First offense Student/principal conference and/or other disciplinary action

Second offense Student/parent/principal conference and/or other disciplinary action

Third offense 1 to 3 days suspension

Fourth offense 3 to 10 days suspension

Fifth offense 3 to 10 days suspension and referral to the hearing officer for further discipline

The district also has a subsection dealing with bullying under the general harassment heading. According to district policy 10510(4)K.1, bullying is defined as an intentional electronic, written, verbal, or physical act or series of acts directed at another student or students that is severe, persistent, or pervasive and has the effect of doing any of the following:

Causing substantial interference with a student’s education;

Creating a threatening environment;

Causing substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school.

Bullying, as defined in this policy, includes cyber-bullying.

The board prohibits all forms of bullying by district students.

Students who have been bullied should promptly report such incidents to the building principal.

The board directs that complaints of bullying shall be investigated promptly, and corrective action shall be taken when allegations are verified. Confidentiality of all parties shall be maintained, consistent with the district’s legal and investigative obligations. No reprisals or retaliation shall occur as a result of good faith reports of bullying.

The superintendent or designee shall ensure that this policy is reviewed annually with students.