Our opinion: Responding for them

They answer every call to help, no matter the time or weather.

They stand with us, with a hand to pull us back up when we’ve fallen.

They provide comfort and dignity as our days dwindle away.

They offer guidance and show our youth through their actions how to build a strong foundation for their lives ahead.

They entertain us, and remind us how many talented people live in our midst.

They nourish our bodies and our minds.

They keep our past alive.

They protect us and shelter us.

They reach out beyond their walls to fill the needs of many.

They touch many lives each and every day.

And the vast majority of them are volunteers, responding to the obvious, and not-so-obvious, needs in their community and around the county.

Now it’s our turn to respond to their collective need: Funding to enable over 80 organizations to keep doing what they’re doing.

That’s the goal of Warren Gives, the 12-hour exclusively online donation event being held by the Community Foundation of Warren County next Wednesday, May 8.

The minimum donation is $25 and up to 10 donations can be made per transaction.

The target is $100,000 in total donations, which will receive an additional $25,000 match from the Community Foundation, the DeFrees Family Memorial Fund and the Sara Sokolski Memorial Fund to be distributed among the organizations proportionally based on amounts raised.

Similar events have been successfully staged in Erie and Pittsburgh; last year’s Erie Gives generated over $1 million to support approximately 200 organizations.

Cognizant that not every potential Warren Gives donor has a personal computer, some organizations, such as Youngsville Public Library, will extend their normal business hours to the entire 12-hour donation period and make their computers available to the public.

The website is warrengives.org.

They respond to us … now it’s our turn to respond for them.