Library’s front entrance closing for extensive sidewalk work

The front door to Warren Public Library will be closed for at least a week starting Wednesday.

According to Director Patty Sherbondy, the sidewalks in front of the library will be replaced.

Those looking to get into the library will have to use the back entrance off the Midtown Parking Lot.

Parking is available close to the rear entrance of the building and parking is free as long as the patron leaves the lot within 30 minutes.

Those who park in front of the building will be able to walk around. There is a sidewalk at the south end of the building and a driveway at the north end. Sherbondy said the crew from Marv Ross’ company will do its best to minimize inconvenience in part by leaving one of the paths around the building available.

Library officials are aware that the loss of front-door access will be an inconvenience.

“We have an average of 617 (persons) per day,” Sherbondy said. “The bulk of them do come from the front (door).”

However, the long-term gain is seen as outweighing the short-term inconvenience.

The sidewalk in front of the library is buckling at several places and corners of some pavers have risen more than an inch compared to the neighboring concrete.

In addition to leveling the paving, the work will also add a step to the stairs leading from the Market Street sidewalk to the library’s sidewalk in order to flatten out the space in front of the building, Sherbondy said.

The sidewalk at the back of the building was improved all last week, Sherbondy said. The work at the front is more extensive and will take at least a week to complete.

Funding for the work was provided by the Community Foundation of Warren County, the DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, and the PNC Foundation.