Trailblazers extend horse knowledge

The Scandia Trailblazers 4H Club had a meeting at the Conservation District, pictured above, where guest speaker Cinnamon Becker talked about endurance riding and about keeping your horse sound. She also suggested helpful hints for keeping your horse healthy, what vets do to check the horse’s body, and how to build up your horse’s muscles and endurance.

Cinnamon showed items to the members such as the heart rate monitor, and a GPS. At the end of the speech Cinnamon had pictures taken with her and the members. Vice president Mollie of the 4-H club read a thank-you note from the military about the supplies the club sent to them. Members volunteered for the drill team. The club also discussed summer events.

The Trailblazers had a meeting on March 20 at the Serenity Equine Center, pictured below where Linnea Campbell talked about positive thinking and helpful hints on nervousness about shows. She also spoke about cross-training and doing things when you are not riding to help you when you do ride. She demonstrated a stable board for balance. Some took a turn on the balance board. Linnea also rode a horse called Radar to demonstrate some jumping, according to Karrie Hunt, news reporter.