Volunteers mark Arbor Day

Arbor Day events resulted in some new flora in Warren County.

Warren’s Arbor Day Celebration on Saturday, April 27, had “the nicest turnout in years,” according to Louise Dyer of the Warren Garden Club.

Paul Brohn, from the Warren Landscape Committee, welcomed about 50 people to the event, which was held at Lacy Park. Another Garden Club member, Dottie McCarthy, welcomed the Skinner family, descendants of the late Carolyn and Jack Skinner, who in years past provided trees for the event. This year, the club provided 25 red oak trees for distribution to honor the memory of Carolyn and Jack. The Garden Club, which has been a part of Warren’s Arbor Day Celebration for 40 years, brought refreshments for attendees.

Adele Tranter, also a club member, provided a history of Arbor Day, and City Councilman John Lewis read a proclamation from City Mayor Mark Phillips, saying that a silver maple has been planted, as this is the silver anniversary of Warren being named a Tree City.

Paul Brohn, a member of the Warren Street Landscape Committee spoke of tree characteristics and gave planting tips.

Cecile Stelter, district manager of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry said, “Today’s atmosphere of dwindling budgets, more and more communities have diverted funds away from tree plantings and maintenance programs. It is a tough choice