Historical Society receives mural

Prints of the 1952 mural showing a scene from 1852 Warren are now available.

The rights to reproduce the 32-foot long mural were donated by the Conewango Club to the Warren County Historical Society.

The first prints generated from the efforts of photographer Jeremy Jeziorski’s digitization of the mural located in the basement of the Conewango Club were presented to Historical Society Program Coordinator Emily Sailar on Friday by Conewango Club General Manager Mike Trojanowski and club member John Beard.

Prints can be ordered at Saturday’s Classy Cast-Offs event at 308 Poplar St. or at the Historical Society office at 210 Fourth Ave.

The two laminated prints presented Friday are six-feet long and feature the words, At the Wharf. The banners are available laminated or not, in lengths from 4- to 8-feet, and with customizable text and border color.

Following is an introduction to a piece written about the mural by Ellen Paquette and Chase Putnam. Putnam’s father, Paquette’s grandfather, Harold Putnam, commissioned the mural in 1952.

“A magnificent mural that has graced the Oak Room of the Conewango Club in Warren for over sixty years is finally being seen by the wider public,” according to Paquette and Putnam. “Thanks to the efforts of club member John Beard and photographer Jeremy Jeziorski, the mural has been photo-documented and the digital images are now in the possession of the Warren County Historical Society.”

“The four-foot by thirty-two-foot mural, painted by Warren native and artist Elton Davis, was commissioned in 1952 by Harold C. Putnam, a river historian and descendant of river men, on the 100th anniversary of the unusual arrival of two steamboats in one day at the Warren landing on April 2, 1852,” they wrote. “In spite of its basement location, the mural miraculously survived the fire and influx of water that ravaged the club in 2002. Comparatively little damage resulted, and a meticulous cleaning and restoration by Dianne Gatto gave the mural a new lease on life.”