Gun control

Dear editor:

Why are WE paying these politicians to battle over simple subjects like gun control?

And why do we let absurd lawsuits and media “inhancement, over saturation” spark such battles. Think about how much money and time is wasted on these politicians to debate the wrong part of the problem.

This money could go to our education and healthcare systems. Something to help our future instead of stifling it.

Gun control does not solve anything. How many crimes were commited using weapons registered to the perpetrator? Not very many.

Get tougher on the law breakers, not the law abiding citizens. Take care of the actual problem for once.

If these people are really interested in the welfare of the human race then do something to improve it. Don’t cause battles and discontent for the wrong reasons.

If these politicians need to do something to make it look like they are earning their absurd salaries then put them to work in homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Community service needs a lot of help. We have homeless and worse in this country.

What we don’t have is the right people fighting for them. We pay the politicians, they work for us. Our people need educated to the fact that the master leads the dog, don’t let the dog lead the master. Fight the real problems and trim the fat. I’ll save my immigration rant for another day.

TeJay Shick