Is there a dog fighting ring near Warren?

No one knows for sure, but a growing number of unsubstantiated reports are appearing on social media websites about men in a van attempting to steal dogs from residences, for use as bait dogs in a dog fighting ring.

A woman in Corry said she lost her 15-year-old Rottweiler on Jan. 21, and on April 8 state Fish and Boat Commission workers found the dog’s body in a nearby lake. The body reportedly had injuries consistent with dog bites.

On Monday, a report was filed with the Youngsville Police Department about two men attempting to call a dog while the dogsitter was in the back yard with the animal. Allegedly, the two came around back and were surprised to find the dogsitter. They reportedly then asked for directions to Erie, but drove north on Brown Road instead of following the directions. The vehicle was described as a black conversion van, but no license plate number was recorded.

A van is one of the Recurring details in the reports, although colors vary. According to a Pennsylvania State Police public release, the reports cannot be confirmed or validated. The release also states that anyone observing a vehicle attempting to lure or steal an animal is encouraged to report the incident to their local police agency or the state police barracks serving their area.