County hires assistant prosecutor

At the Warren County Commissioners’ work session Monday morning, they approved hiring Caleb Gnage as a part-time assistant district attorney at an annual salary of $27,000.

They also agreed to change a part-time 911 dispatcher to full-time at an unchanged wage of $12.43 per hour, adding benefits. They also approved a wage of $11.16 per hour, without benefits, for deputy tax claims director, and posting jobs for part-time corrections officers to try to get overtime pay under control.

Chief Clerk Pamela Matve said, “We are accepting applications for three or four, whatever we can get.” The part-time positions do not include benefits.

Commissioner John Bortz said there have been misunderstandings in the reporting of wages and benefits, because the two have been combined as a single figure for budgetary purposes in the past, which does not represent actual costs.

The benefits packages are always presented at the highest possible figure, but generally cost less because of smaller family sizes or the presence of spousal health insurance.