Warren property study released

Last December, Warren City Council formed a committee to review the status of all properties under the purview of the city.

That committee, made up of Councilmen Sam Harvey, John Lewis and Maurice Cashman, has completed its work and forwarded a series of recommendations to city council for review and potential action.

The first recommendation addresses Clemons Park, on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Hickory Street.

“We were told that when the property was given to the city, (it) was to be used as a park” or be returned to the family, City Manager Nancy Freenock said on Monday. The city’s copy of the deed does not contain such a provision so that will be researched.

Oil and gas development resulted in two additional recommendations.

The feasibility of drilling on the east side of the parking garage as well as at a property on Walnut Street will be explored.

The Walnut Street property is “a remainder from PennDOT’s condemnation of City-owned property for construction of Route 6,” according to documentation provided at last week’s city council meeting.

“There has been a group that is taking care of that,” said Freenock. “We want to recognize them for that.”

Within the recommendation, city staff was authorized to see if that entity