Deadline approaching for voters

The primary election is a month away.

The ballot is set.

The deadline to register to vote in that election is Monday.

The forms can be filled out and turned in at the Warren County Courthouse or downloaded from the county’s website,, filled out, and put in the mail. If a registration application or change form bearing a postmark no later than Monday, April 22, it will be processed for this year’s primary, Director of Elections and Voter Registrar Lisa Zuck said.

Other deadlines are also fast approaching.

Absentee ballot applications have been mailed out, Zuck said. Permanent absentee ballot holders who have not received an application may call 728-3406.

Permanent absentee status must be updated every four years.

The last day to apply for an absentee ballot is Tuesday, May 14 and ballots must be returned to the courthouse by 4:30 p.m. Friday, May 17.

Not all of the empty seats will appear on the primary ballot.

For example, there will be one Region III Warren County School District board position on the primary election ballot and two on the ballot in the fall.

Incumbent Tom Knapp has cross-filed and will be on both Democratic and Republican ballots next month.

The seat formerly held by Nancy McDanel will appear on the ballot for the November election ballot, but not for the primary, because her resignation came later than the cut-off.

The Republican and Democratic parties in the county will have the chance to file nominating papers to have a candidate of their choice placed on the general election ballot for that position.

In the case of an opening with no candidates, the leading write-in candidate who receives a number of votes at least equal to the number of signatures required on a filing petition will appear on the general election ballot. If no one receives the necessary number of write-in votes, no name will appear on the ballot.

The number of signatures, and votes, for townships, boroughs, and school board is 10. For Warren City Council the number is 100.

“I have a lot of empty spots for judge of elections and inspectors,” Zuck said. “I’d be happy to work with anybody who is interested.”

The only positions that will be elected in the primary, rather than becoming the final candidates for the general election, are political committee member seats.

Candidates for office must submit pre-primary financial reports by Friday, May 10.