Our Opinion: A chance to shine

This summer Warren County has an opportunity to do something to bolster America’s image in Europe, and nobody has to book a flight across the pond to do it.

Heather Espeso, a 1999 Warren Area High School graduate, will be bringing 25 students from Spain to Warren County in July. The students, age 11 to 18, will be here for a “full-immersion” experience in American culture and the English language.

So often, we hear that America is misunderstood in other parts of the world, that we are perceived as callous and imperious.

Espeso wants these students to take back to Spain their impressions from a first-hand look at rural life in Pennsylvania.

This is the sixth time Espeso has brought Spanish students to Warren County, so previous student experiences and her own as a local high school student must have been pretty positive.

She is looking for host families to open their homes to the students and make them feel as though they aren’t really strangers in a strange land.

In the process lasting friendships are made, and many of those unfortunate assumptions about Americans can be dispelled.

Those interested in hosting students may email Espeso at unitedcultures.es. Espeso’s grandfather, Phil Cerra, lives in Warren and can be reached at 726-2879, and he can relay a message to her.